Published On: Mon, Dec 12th, 2016


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BULAWAYO- SUNDUZA Dance Theatre held a four day expo slated Amasiko 2016 at the Pumula Open Arena in remembrance of its late Imbube  founding  father –Simon Mahlaba Banda.


Arts lovers were in for a treat as they experienced a cocktail of programmes during the period.

The programmes ranged from environment responsibility to entertainment saw artistes planting trees in the day at the same time taking turns on the stage to entertain the crowd.

Of note ,was Sunduza boys root patrons through the brief history of Imbube guru ,made the genre to be popular in the country and beyond.

Charles Banda ,his son said they did what Banda loved most and would have enjoyed and the  turnout was more than they expected.

“This event was a success as this time we decided to invite King Mzilikazi 2 and he planted a tree at our centre . I am happy he was part of us during the celebration of the life of the legendary pioneer Simon Banda,” he said.

Meanwhile King Mzilikazi 2 said Sunduza Dance group will never be forgotten in history for the works they have done.

“Sunduza Dance Theatre will never be forgotten in the history as they are championing the culture asit should be preserved and everyone should play a role,” he said.

The performances included dance and music from the guest group Black Umfolosi , Umdumo weSizwe ,Great Stars , Sunduza Dance Theatre , Men of Influence and many more .

Banda, a huge Highlanders Football Club fan, was a great arts mentor, founder, producer, singer and performer. He sang one of the songs for the motion picture Power of One that was shot in Bulawayo featuring heavyweight Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman.