Published On: Sun, Dec 25th, 2016


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 Local Hiphop artist Takudzwa Matapi, better known as ‘Tremma’ has described working with reverred songstress Sista Flame as a humbling experience and one that he would always cherish.

The two musicians collaborated on the Harare-based rapper’s latest single titled ‘Kusanzwisisana’, a song that is taken from his recent mixtape/album (Flying Colorz).

“Me and Sista Flame had been in the same studio (MobEnt) while I was working on the Flying Colorz mixtape and as we mingled I figured I could make use of her powerful voice on this track.

“It was quite a humbling experience working with her as she has been in the music game for a long time. There’s a lot that I have learnt and will continue to learn from her as a person and as a musician”, said Tremma.

The rapper said that he was looking forward to also sharing the stage with the reggae singer/songwriter.

“We have every intention of perfoming the tract together with Sista Flame and it is something that I believe both our fans should look forward to.

” We want to be able to bring that same energy that we shared whilst recording the song to a live stage and I am sure that many people will be able to relate to the song as it is something that we all see happening everyday”, said Tremma.


But what does the song itself talk about?

According to Tremma, the single, ‘Kusanzwisisana’ depicts how many relationships breakdown as a result of mere misunderstandings.

“It is a well crafted story about two lovebirds who sadly ended up parting ways because of misunderstandings ‘kusanzwisisana’. It is a song with a storyline common in our society whereby two lovers start off well in a serious relationship until eventually things start ‘heating up’ between the two and they eventually drift apart.

“One moment it is a picture perfect couple madly in love with each but the very next moment, merely because of a misunderstanding, there is trouble in paradise.

“I witnessed so many of these type of relationships from my friends and the other people around me that I knew coming to an end and it inspired me to address the issue through this particular song “, he said.


Looking ahead, the artist said that he wanted to carry the momentum he had garnered so far this year into 2017 and that he saw brighter prospects for the future.

“I have made considerable progress this year and I want to carry that same momentum into the new year and thus I have already started planning on how my 2017 musical works will be and trust me it will be a year full of great things.

“Some of those plans for 2017 include putting out singles that will take over the game and shoot good (international standard) videos for them as well.

“I hope to be one of the big names in this industry and be among the most consistent artists. TREMMA! #ndozvazviri”, said Tremma.