Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2016

Marshal Chiza makes overwhelming breakthrough

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BULAWAYO- EAGLE Life Assembly church founder Blessing Chiza’s son , Marshal (18) has made headlines when he launched his second book and  has made an overwhelming breakthrough as he is now featuring on the international media after he published the book Poor Billionaire.
Marshal made headlines on CCTV News Africa Live and his copies are selling across the continent  and international making  the books are  available in Dubai and China.

Marshal Chiza’s latest book-Poor Billionaire

The Bulawayo author said he is carving his own niche outside the religious circles where his father is popular.
Marshal said since the second book launch ,he has been getting a lot of invites were people needed some guidelines in their businesses.
He said he recently got an invite from Arise Africa where he will be having workshop in February, next year at the  United Kingdom .
“I will be speaking about motivation in the UK next year and this workshop is catered to everyone there. I will also talk about my book Poor Billion which I feel people should be enlightened that some people are poor , all they have is money,” he said.

Marshal Chiza

Marshal said the idea to write the book is that they are many writers but few are authors who are ready to explore.
“Most people want to copy what others are doing or have done and  I feel one has to carve his or her niche . The title Poor Billionaire is just unique and its ventures into a lot of avenues.
The key principle is making a difference ,”he said
Marshal, who is employed by the Bulawayo Public Library said Poor Billionaire tackles issues the people face in  everyday lives.
“One can be rich physically but poor mentally , the inbuilt riches which every poor man carry and understanding that money is not everything. People say money is the root of all evil. The truth is that evil is not money but in one’s mindset. If one’s mind set is aligned with poverty then that is evil, ” he added.