Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

BREAKING : Zimbabwe Goverment officials fighting over land disputes

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 MACHEKE: Zimbabwean Police here have accused some officials mainly Zanu PF from the ministry of lands and rural development for fuelling land disputes at a local farm after they suspiciously offered multiple offer letters to prospective farmers on the same property.

The offer letters have fuelled serious clashes over land ownership resulting in two people being hospitalised while three have been arrested.

According to the police, violent land clashes last week rocked Bruce Farm in Macheke as six families claim to be the rightful owners of three plots at the farm.

Police sources said that Trymore Kwindima, 34 and Odet Ususu have since been hospitalised at Marondera Hospital after they were attacked by Jesta Jowa, and her brothers, Justin and Phillip accusing them of illegally occupying Plot 6 at Bruce Farm.

Jesta, Justin and Phillip have since been arrested. According to the police, they appeared before a Marondera magistrate last week and were remanded in custody facing assault charges while medical reports for Kwindima and Ususu were produced in court as evidence.

However, despite the police moving in to quell the disturbances at the farm, the situation there remains tense with other families at each other’s throats over ownership of the plots.

According to the police, the quarrelling six families at the farm have offer letters for the three plots from the ministry of lands, confirming they are the rightful owners of the same land.

This, according to the police, has raised suspicion that the some of the farmers bribed lands officials to get offer letters for properties already distributed.

“We are working in resolving the disputes and we have since engaged officials from the ministry of lands and the local leadership to try to understand why the farmers are making claims for the same piece of land and they all have genuine offer letters. With the help of the ministry of lands officials we hope we will get to the bottom of the matter.

“However, we are against the use of violence that some of the farmers are resorting to and we won’t hesitate to arrest them if they become violent,” one of the police officers handling the matter said.

Bruce Farm was sub-divided into 30 plots at the height of the government’s controversial land reform programme.