Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

Police watching commercial sex workers having sex inside NRZ train

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Daring Harare commercial sex workers are now doing their business in broad daylight right in front of the police, it has been reported.

They are operating on the railway line in Harare’s Workington area and are making use of the National Railways of Zimbabwe’s (NRZ) abandoned wagons to engage in their illicit activities.

A visit by news reporters to the railway line along Lytton road exposed shocking incidents of acts of prostitution.

After brief negotiations commercial sex workers and clients could be seen heading into NRZ trains.

Men were filmed visiting the area and getting dressed after getting bedroom service.

Many people are surprised that Harare sex workers have invaded  NRZ disused wagons which they now use as makeshift bedrooms.

Nearby workers told journalists that prostitution is rife in the area.

Prostitution is proving to be a cause for concern with research indicating the practise is a major driver of HIV and AIDS.

Zimbabwe police in the past took an aggressive stance by arresting women in Harare’s Avenues area but a landmark constitutional court ruling in 2015 made it illegal for women to be arrested on the grounds of loitering for the purposes of prostitution in the absence of men confirming they were offered the services for a fee.