Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017

Breaking News:Fadzai Mahere locks horns with UFIC congregates

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As many people were crossing over into the new year in their various denominations, the United Family In Christ Church led by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa set itself apart. Talk about entering the new year in style and flamboyance we saw the Spokesperson Pastor Kufa in a well circulated video talking about the rounded nature of the number 7. He insisted that for the blessings to overflow for congregants they should seed in the denominations of 7’s as this will secure them a smooth 2017.

In a country that is riddled with financial strife, there was backlash this way and that with many alleging that the men of the cloth have continuously manipulated ‘gullible zealots’ so as to continuously line their pockets. However, in the eye of this controversy, Advocate Mahere made a statement on her Facebook page about that whilst tabulating elaborately how these UFIC congregants should spend their supposed seed money. Things went left thereafter with #MakandiwaNation as some are now calling them hurled all kinds of insults towards the unsuspecting Advocate.

Here are some of the prominent comments

Kudzayi Tsarwe Murauro … ‘ Dai ufic iri political party haa dai zvakaoma coz vanhu vacho ava vanemadeath threats ega ega…’

Tendai Ndhlela‘ Vana Fadzai Mahere  when did you become concerned with other people’s money. Did I tell you how to use your money….’

Kelvin Muzariri … ‘ Let me warn you daughter of Lucifer who has been fortified by the barbaric demon. You are playing with fire …. Sei uchirwadziwa nenumber 7. I suspect unenge devil worshipper. You carry the powers of a serpent , chivindi chako iwe Fadzayi Mahere ndecheyi kana usiri svikiro raDiyabhorosi…if you are a drunkard be sober my sister,dhakiwa nezvidoro zvenyu kaikona kurotomoka, kubvocha kutaura…’

Kurauone Murambadoro … ‘ Dambudziko ravako mazuvano nderekuti kune vamwe vanotofunga kuti Mwari unotopinda church yavo….

Ngoni dee … ‘ To UFIC members  everyone in this world is entitled to their own opinion according to their understanding and knowledge. When speaks her own mind against what you believe doesn’t make one mwana waSatan or to say ane demon..’

Felix Mbonderi‘ For starters, why are these fetishists, flamboyant papas only found in Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa? Because that’s where you find a unique combination of people who are both lazy to pray for themselves and are hungry to get rich quickly at the same time… but this level of Papaism is now going beyond absurd..’

Mamoyo Vee Dhewa ‘Ehe its true Makandiwa is robbing you using biblical passages. Yes murikushandiswa. Ende  tukai zvenyu asi hatirege kukuudzai. Mungatojaira kuti tikatuka vanhu vanotya votosiya. Man of God kudiniko. Pane asiri here man or woman or child of God. .. Brainwashing yaMakandiwa yatiuraira vanhu. Hatidzori tsvimbo nekuti gudo ravhara kumeso..makajaidzwa sterek naKandaz wenyu. Itai mushe ..ehe ndini ndadaro..’

Nonhlanhla Nnoni Hadebe… ‘ But its her facebook page though, she should be free to express her opinions as she pleases. Why are people so touched? Clearly the shoe fits a little too tight…channel your displaced January disease anger and frustrations to the right source…’

Roby Zid‘ Musaite kunge zvinonzi mwari vane mafaction…

Talk about that wall resembling a blood bath. Will Zimbabwe ever be united again or will people continue to pluck each other’s feathers whilst turning a blind eye to the pertinent issues. But also people need to keep in mind that when it comes to religious matters its never one size fits all.