Published On: Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017

Sulu appeals to exiled Mapfumo

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By Daniel Chigundu

ORCHESTRA Dendera Kings heir, Suluman “Captain Sulu” Chimbetu, has called on Zimbabwean exiled legendary musician Thomas “hurricane Hugo” Mapfumo to come back home.

The United States based Mapfumo, went into exile more than a decade ago alleging political persecution from state security agents CIOs owing to his sharp criticism of government policies.

Mapfumo has vowed never to come back home until President Robert Mugabe dies or Zanu PF is removed from power.

Efforts were made during the time of the Inclusive Government by then Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara to bring back home the horse-voiced musician but nothing materialised.

In his song Mugomo, off his latest eight track album Jamboree released a few weeks ago, Captain Sulu tells Mapfumo that he has been gone for a long time and that a lot has happened and should come home and give the much needed guidance.

“Konhai Mukanya (Mukanya is one of Thomas Mapfumo’s many names) makamira mugomo makamirireiko, tiri kungochema takaringa mugomo horomba iripi? (Mukanya why have you taken to the diaspora, can’t you see we are crying seeking your wisdom from wherever you are?).

Makatisiya tiri pwere, tave nendebvu pachirebvu, dzokai Mukanya takusuwai, makadzisiya dziri pwere dzakazobumba pachipfuva, dzokai Mukanya takusuwai, makatisiya tiri pwere tave maRasta mumusoro, dzokai Mukanya kani takusuwai (You left when we were kids, but we have grown some beards on our chins, the girls have now developed breasts and others are now dawning dreadlocks, please come back we miss you dearly), sings Sulu.

Thomas Mapfumo once a darling of the government began to fell out of favour dating back to the days he composed the song Jojo which was generally assumed to be targeted at President Robert Mugabe.

There is another school of thought that says when singing the song on stage; Mapfumo would be saying Bobo (Mugabe’s nickname) instead of Jojo.

Things got bad for the Chimurenga Music guru when he released such songs as Mamvemve, disaster, tumira vana kuhondo, manhunge tunge, marima nzara, Mukoma J and havasevenzi vapfanha among others.

Mapfumo is also accused by government of buying stolen vehicles and were keen to question him before he went into exile.

It however waits to be seen how government will react to the song as Suluman is often regarded to be pro-Zanu PF owing to some of his compositions, even though he has never publicly declared his political affiliation.

Will the song mugomo enjoy airplay on the state owned radio stations that will waits to be seen.

However such musicians as Leonard Zhakata, Oliver Mtukudzi and Mapfumo have had some of their songs banned on radio as they are regarded to be politically incorrect.