Published On: Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017

Update about Angel prophecy at Exodus Night

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Firstly, we would like to apologize to Prophet Uebert Angel, Founder and Co-President of Spirit Embassy – The Good News Church. We, Zimbabwe Newsday published an article on the morning of January the 3rd which headlined “Prophet Uebert Angel prophecy of a president 2017”. In the spirit of journalistic integrity we have found out that our reporter erroneously wrote the article since Uebert Angel never mentioned anything to do with any president and for that we apologise.

Our reporter who was present at the Exodus Night, a widely advertised event, which was attended by Hollywood actor and Muscian RayJay, football players such as Dexter Blackstock, Peter Odenmwengi, Henri Lancebury and watched LIVE by over 9 million viewers on the Ministry’s television channel, Miracle TV, failed to accurately report what Prophet Uebert Angel stated as he ministered to the thousands that where present at Warwick University. Let this go on record that Prophet Uebert Angel did not PROPHESY about President Robert Mugabe nor did he prophesy about any president! Amongst the many prophesies he made, Prophet Angel just as he did last year, prophesied about the death of Hollywood stars.

Uebert Angel is the Founder and Co-President of Spirit Embassy, The Good News Church, a Pentecostal ministry in the UNITED KINGDOM and across the world. The Good News Church which is managed by Spirit Embassy which was founded in 2007 and attracts numerous followers through Uebert Angel’s sharp prophecies and healing testimonies that come from followers. He is now based in the United Kingdom.
Angel, who commands a large following in the United Kingdom and beyond, said 2017 would see a lot of deaths amongst politicians and Hollywood stars who fail to acknowledge God. Last year, 2016, a lot of famous people died who included George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Prince and David Bowie to mention a few after his prophecies!