Published On: Sat, Jan 7th, 2017

Linda Masarira advises women in Olinda’s shoes

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Well known activist Linda Masarira gave some words of encouragement to the females who find themselves battling with weight and relationship or marriage problems. This she did on her Facebook page were she got resounding support from her followers who felt that those were wise words indeed. This was just after the suicidal rant that was made by  Hip Hop Singer ” Stunner” Desmond Chideme’s wife Olinda Chapel. Olinda for the past few days has set Facebook live ablaze with her emotional rants on two timing husband Stunner. Here is what Linda had to say

“Few lessons for everyone affected by Nyaya YaStunner. Ladies when a man walks away from you please let them walk. You cannot make someone love you.

1.Loosing weight should be for your own benefit not for anyone’s or to please a man.
2. When things go wrong in a relationship learn to take a step back and see how you can deal and manage the situation in a non regrettable way without using emotions and social media . Self love   ❤️ is an overarching principle of self respect .
3. What goes around comes back around . Never love a man who disrespects other women in your presence and think your love will change his behaviour. Kashiri Kane muririro wako hakarege.
4 . Love is something you can never buy with flamboyant things. You will always be loved for who you are not for what you give. Whatever you give in love never claim it back no matter how disappointed you can get . Whether it’s expensive or cheap because once you start requesting back it distorts the whole ethos of giving and taking.
5. Never loose your self esteem through loving , remember that marriage is not for everyone. Some marriages are meant to last forever but some are meant to last for a day , week or for a season. Never glue yourself when things are not working out .
6 . A man who disrespects women will always do no matter how many kids you can have for him.
7. Never intentionally break another woman’s relationship and make children victims because karma will always haunt you.
8. Long distance relationships can work for some and don’t always work for all. Time and commitment are crucial factors .
9. Never put a man first. You are the most important person therefore put yourself first and treat yourself first .
10. Look after your relatives and parents whilst they are still alive than to spend money on undefined relationships . Charity begins at home .
11. Social media will never solve any problem , instead it can exacerbate the situation.
12. You cannot make someone love you. You can only be true to you and love yourself. Never take advantage of each other whether one is in poverty or the other is rich. Go for love and nothing more than love .
13 . Falling down is not a failure , but remaining on the ground is .
14 . Our families and close friends generally play a crucial role in shaping our love relationships therefore it’s very important to listen when they advise , warn and constructively criticise your relationship. Never confuse that with jealous or envy . Akubaira zano ndewako.”

Don’t we all need a sister like this in our corner who tells us like it is in the hope that it strengthens us as the fairer sex? This is indeed a bold move that speaks of servant leadership and being humane.