Published On: Sat, Jan 7th, 2017

POTRAZ sets minimum data prices

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POTRAZ, the local telecoms regulator is set to put into effect new minimum prices for all voice and data services provided by Zimbabwe’s mobile network operators.
According to a report in the Herald , the floor price will be hiked to 12 cents per minute for voice services and 2cents per MB for data. POTRAZ is reported to have communicated the new prices to mobile operators and they are set to come into effect on the 9th of January 2017. As many Econet subscribers were grumbling about the way their airtime disappears and how expensive data packages are, this saw many migrating to NetOne. NetOne saw an influx of customers from towards year end of 2016. Many felt the prominent Econet network was fleecing them of their airtime and that the packages were only packages by name and not in existence. As weekly bundles lasted for days instead of the said week. Apparently this was at its worst state during the festive season with many customers taking to social media on how bundles just get exhausted in no time.
The change means that some packages will become more expensive making this the latest move by POTRAZ to protect mobile operators’ revenues.
Mobile operators are supposed to revise all their products in line with the new prices and terminate bundles that don’t conform to the new minimum prices.

This means that some of the bundles that subscribers has been using as a way of accessing cheaper communications will be terminated. Products likely to be hiked include cheaper offerings like NetOne’s OneFusion and Econet’s 250 MB/$1; 1GB / $2 and 2GB/$3 Daily Bundles.