Published On: Tue, Jan 10th, 2017

“I almost died” – MDC T legislator

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By Lizwe Sebatha
OPPOSITION MDC T legislator, Tabitha Khumalo has said she almost died after inhaling teargas fired by the police in August last year during the party’s anti-government demonstration in Harare.

The legislator sought treatment in neighbouring South Africa suffering from nagging allergies she said were triggered by teargas during the MDC T demonstration for jobs.

Addressing Bulawayo journalists at a press conference, Khumalo said it was by God’s grace that she is still alive.

“The attacks were so severe to an extent that l could not sleep, talk, eat or walk. l was using a lot of energy just to stay alive this is when my family decided l should go to South Africa.

“Time was not on my side and my one hour ten minutes journey was the longest trip of my life to S.A and the best decision that my family could have ever made,” Khumalo said.

“I looked at death head on…l looked at my loved ones eyes whilst struggling to breathe all l could see in their eyes were fear, pain, helplessness, hopelessness and expectations of my survival at all costs.”

Khumalo condemned the police for wantonly firing teargas on unarmed civilians staging peaceful demonstration as guaranteed one the constitution.

“l have been given a second chance by the Almighty…

“I now have to speak slowly because when l speak fast l choke, the reason being that there is no medication to flush out the teargas. Instead, the body will flush it out but at its own pace.

“The doctors estimate that in some patients suffering from the same condition, it may take weeks or months, yet in some it may stretch into years,” she added.