Published On: Tue, Jan 10th, 2017

Campus Community ropes in Patrick Zhuwao

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Simon Munyoro

Campus Community Foundation (CCF) has roped in Youth Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Minister, Patrick Zhuwao in a bid to reach out to all youths at a national level.

Last year CCF introduced a mentor-ship program poised at availing entrepreneurship skills and work related learning to tertiary students in Zimbabwe with the hope of transforming youths into positive changers and shapers of the country’s future.Brieging journalists at Mukwati building today, Zhuwao applauded the founders of the program and committed to work with them in harnessing youth development for sustainable growth.

“I am advised that since its launch on 5 December 2016 as many as 600 university students have despite raveling Christmas holidays already signed up to Campus Community Foundation.

“Campus Community Foundation is the brainchild of one of our young people ,Rinos Mautsa who saw the untapped economic potential lying dormant within our tertiary institutions  and which can be effectively integrated into Zimbabwe’s economic fabric for sustainable development and economic growth.

“I am also pleased having been so advised that the private sector has come forward to partner with Campus Community Foundation to provide mentorship to the students across various sectors.Zimbabwe is in that moment within economic transformation journey when we must fully engage and invest in our innovative ,enterprising and resilient youth demographic dividend,” he said.

Campus Community Foundation is a not for profit trust that seeks to work closely with all universities and colleges students with the aim of helping ease challenges faced by college students so that they can focus on studying thereby increasing their chances of being fully productive  and innovative citizens in the future.

Structured to have subcommittees composed of students in various tertiary institutions, the foundation run various programmes and offer various services designed to not only help students during college life but to also set them up for a successful after college life that will see them being a new generation of creative, innovative and responsible leaders that will inspire the next generation. Through the Initiative’s various programmes, students will be able to develop a creative mind and unleash their leadership potential. Besides offering counseling services and student support, the Initiative will also provide a forum of innovations, competitions, voluntary work at and off the campus and in the surrounding communities.

The formation of the Initiative, imbedded by the values and spirit of inspiring leadership excellence, is also expected to usher in a new spirit of entrepreneurship and innovations among students. It will also maintain harmonious relationship within the university and providing an amicable and effective means to further improve the available facilities with a view to achieving the academic excellence in a holistic manner and thereby help meet the statutory objectives of the university and our country at large.