Published On: Thu, Jan 12th, 2017

Manyenyeni hits out at Gumbo …says he should just shut up

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By Daniel Chigundu

HARARE Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni says Transport Minister Joram Gumbo has no right speaking of failures in the council, but should instead shut up on the matter.

Minister Gumbo last week criticised local authorities for complaining about Zinara funds yet they had nothing to show for the money that they had received from the roads administration parastatal.

“Zinara is equally committed to this national goal, but where I have an issue is with some local authorities that are making noise about Zinara disbursements, particularly City of Harare. They say Zinara gives them inadequate money, about $1 million per quarter.

“But what do they have to show for that little money that they have received? Can they show us one road that they have maintained or patched up using the money that they have received?

“Bulawayo, which is the best run local authority in terms of its roads, has managed to maintain their roads using the little money that they get from Zinara while Harare has failed,” Gumbo told the media.

Refusing to be outdone, councillor Manyenyeni took to the social media to blame government for the Harare Municipality woes and had some advice for the minister as well.

“I was tempted to send him a text. …….”Joram Gumbo go and play outside!

“I wish I could offer a more detailed/informed response but I can certainly share here and now that the city parking business rakes in between US$17 000 and US$19 000 per day (gross).

“If at all (and I am guessing here) that their salaries are as high as main council employees we could be talking of over 70 percent of that being gobbled up in HR outflows.

“In the meantime someone please tell Joram Gumbo to sit down and keep quiet….

“Someone also tell those in government that Harare Council has been crippled by two successive developments. In March 2013 the minister signed off the heavy salary bill for council workers and just four months later in July 2013 he wrote off over US$300 million debts (two years worth of inflows) under an “Operation Kafiramberi”

“We as council still have a lot of financial disclosure to do. We still have a lot of misaligned outlays to answer for!” he said.

Before being criticised by minister Gumbo, the Harare Mayor had said the onus to repair Harare roads lies with Zinara as they are not disbursing enough funds for the work.


Most city councils in the country are struggling to maintain their roads owing to lack of adequate funding from Zinara and poor bill and rate payments by residents.

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere last week met with Minister Gumbo to try and resolve the issue between local authorities and the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) on the amounts the latter disburses for road maintenance.