Published On: Thu, Jan 12th, 2017

Masiyiwa responds to subscribers’ questions

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Talent Chapanduka

Strive Masiyiwa have replied to questions directed to him concerning the new expensive floor prices

Masiyiwa responded to questions like who can afford such charges taking into consideration Zimbabweans’ earnings as well as employment rate in the country.

He however expressed lack of knowledge on how it was done and said it is unusual to him as the decision is not favorable for more business ideas.

On his message on Facebook Masiyiwa said POTRAZ’s directive makes it difficult to introduce new services

“# It is my understanding that it was a directive from the telecoms regulator. I have never supported this type of regulatory approach.
It makes it difficult to introduce new services such as Mobile TV, when a “floor price” is set for data. Very unusual,” Masiyiwa wrote.