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Accepted styles for written content

Articles may take the following formats;


Such articles provide personal thoughts, views or sentiments about an issue. These must be balanced, however, with diverse perspectives on the issue. For instance, if you disagree with your topic, mention what other sources who may agree with it feel about it. Try to get as many different perspectives so that while you are asserting your opinion, you are also allowing the reader to make up their own mind by giving them a range of options to choose from.


These are articles about something that has happened recently (within 12 hours at the latest). Such articles must be current, factual and gives answers to the following questions:

  • WHO?
  • WHAT?
  • WHERE?
  • WHEN?
  • WHY?
  • HOW?

These are to be written as objective pieces with comments from different sources. Please do not add your personal opinion to such pieces.


Q and A is a ‘Question and Answer’ interview format in which you transcribe questions and answers into an article just as they are. It is important, however, that you correct any grammatical errors that the interviewee has made in responding without changing the meaning. Also, where the answer is too long or off-topic, use your discretion to condense the response.

Please also provide an introduction and conclusion to the interview so that there is a flow to it. Please also structure your questions in a way that is open-ended, that is, not lending the interviewee to simply answer in ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Order the questions in a way that they also allow the conversation to flow naturally and pick up on interesting points raised in answering a prior question.

NB: As a Q and A is supposed to be word-for-word what a person has said, it is ESSENTIAL that you show the interviewee your final copy before sending it on to us, so that they can approve it or correct any misinterpretations. Where possible, please forward an email verification from the interviewee in which they state that they have read the interview and given consent for it to be published.



Articles, stories and essays should be between 750 and 1200 words. (News articles should stick to a word count of about 600-800).

All content should be edited adequately – reread your work before sending it to us, and use Spell Check and correct any grammatical errors. Also note that content may be subjected to more editing or cuts, or that you may be asked to re-organise your work if need arises.

Please submit articles in Arial font at 12pt font, double-spaced as Word .docx or .doc attachments.

Use as many hyperlinks to other content as possible. A hyperlink links back to other content relating to what you may be discussing in your article; for example this hyperlink links back to Her Zimbabwe. Add such links to your final Word document. Please watch this video for a tutorial on how to add hyperlinks.

Any use of plagiarism, if discovered, will be treated with editorial severity. If you are not sure about what plagiarism is, and how to avoid it, we suggest doing some further research into the area.

Avoid unnecessary and repetitive use of jargon and clichés. For instance, ‘But I digress’ is a cliché often used to appear to create flow to a piece. We advise that you do not use it. Also, do not use technical jargon related to your area of expertise that no one else would be able to understand. Make every endeavour to be comprehensible.

Do not use Zimbabwean English words, such as ‘overally’ and ‘irregardless’. These are not real words. If you are not sure if a word exists, consult a dictionary. Also do not use American English spelling; we use ‘organise’ not ‘organize’ and ‘honour’ and not ‘honor’, etc.

Where you have identified visuals to accompany your article, please provide the sources of these; that is URL links to where the visuals were sought. If they are your own visuals, make this clear to us. Visuals must be sent in JPEG format. You may also use links to Youtube videos or Soundcloud audio links, etc. If someone gives you permission to use their images, kindly forward an email or other communication from them to this effect.


We are currently able to offer a payment of US$30 per article with a possible added bonus and scope for a higher amount payable for high traffic generated by your article and/or excellent content, or content that is accompanied by original images; at the discretion of Her Zimbabwe. The payment will be payable upon publication of your article. Payments will be made at the end of each month, and you are to submit a payment requisition form, which we will provide, in order to facilitate the process. Please note that if the payment is transferred via bank account, or any mobile money transfer service, related charges may slightly reduce the value of the payment.


Content for submission must not have been previously published elsewhere. A week after the article appears on the Her Zimbabwe site, the contributor is free to use it elsewhere if you so wish.

ZimbabweNewsday reserves the right to repackage or redistribute the content you provide us for future projects, or on partner websites.

You are kindly requested to inform us – with relevant links if possible – if your article is republished or reposted elsewhere, for our own filing and tracking purposes.