Published On: Thu, Oct 20th, 2016

Hashtags alone not enough, Patson Dzamara

  I was arrested today, (yesterday) detained for over 6 hours, cautioned and released for demonstrating in front of Parliament. If I can do it because I am unhappy, everyone who is unhappy with the way this country is being run and ranting on social media can and must do it too.

I have always posited that a marriage between online and offline processes is what will take us through to the promised land. Hashtags alone won’t take us through. Our meaningless analysis mode and inclination towards romancing trivia won’t take us through. Action will.
Yes there is power in peaceful action and there is power in numbers too. That’s why we need everyone to plug in and get onto the ground.
Zimbabweans we can do this. Let’s do away with fear. Let’s confront this evil regime head on.



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