Published On: Thu, Oct 20th, 2016

Shingai Shoniwa Finally Opens Up About Stalker Hell

 THE LEAD singer of British group The Noisettes wants lawmakers to impose tougher penalties on stalkers after her own ordeal at the hands of an ex-partner.

Shingai Shoniwa’s former ex-boyfriend Pardeep Sall was convicted of stalking in May of this year after harassing her with calls and texts when he refused to accept they had split up.

Sall received a 12-week suspended prison sentence and an indefinite restraining order.

Speaking to BBC TV host Victoria Derbyshire yesterday (Oct 13), Shoniwa said” “Things really need to be tightened because stalkers steal lives. It’s literally like murder in slow motion, they get off it. It’s a sinister kind of personal terrorism that should not be tolerated. It’s nothing that I would wish upon anybody.”

She is calling for politicians to pass legislation creating a register of convicted stalkers, similar to the sex offenders register, as well as for tougher sentencing of offenders.

The current maximum sentence for stalking is five years, compared to 14 for the most extreme burglary offences.

The Don’t Upset the Rhythm singer went on to say that Sall’s behaviour left her fearing for her friends and family.

“The perpetrator involved in my case used to brag about having ruined other people’s lives before, and that’s when I saw warning signs,” she added.

“He would go around bragging that he was above the law and it was really exciting to damage people and try to play this psychological game that doesn’t just affect them, but extends to their families and dozens of people around them.”

Sall still denies Shoniwa’s allegations and is appealing against his stalking conviction.

The judge who sentenced Shoniwa’s stalker said he had been “in the grips of a very powerful obsession”, according to reports.



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