Published On: Sat, Oct 22nd, 2016

Zanu PF says US presidential elections may be rigged in favour of Hillary Clinton

Donald trump vs Clinton

ZANU PF politburo member and national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, said as a party they are worried about reports that the upcoming US presidential elections may be rigged in favour of Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with, Kasukuwere appealed to the US government to run ‘free, fair’ and ‘credible’ elections and not to cheat any of the two candidates.

US 2016 Presidential elections will see Hillary Clinton battling it out with Republican billionaire Donald Trump in November.

During a recent public debate with his opponent, Trump said he feared widespread ‘voter fraud’ with illegal immigrants and ‘dead people’ casting their votes.

Commenting on Trump’s allegations, Kasukuwere said the billionaire was a man of his ‘word’ who ‘rarely’ lies.

“If he is saying the American government steals or rigs election he is right; this time it’s not the Zanu PF government that they always accuse of rigging general elections,” Kasukuwere told

He added, “And why has the American government been quite since he raised the allegations? As Zanu PF we are very worried and we appeal to the American government to hold free and fair elections.”

Kasukuwere said he hopes the US government will put in place measures to ensure that the election results were democratic and acceptable to both candidates.

“Don’t rig elections, we don’t want what you are doing, you must run credible elections. We are concerned with the reports coming to us from Trump; the American people must be given a chance to exercise their vote in a manner that promotes democracy,” Kasukuwere urged the US government.



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