Published On: Fri, Oct 28th, 2016

Zim Bond Notes: The Cash burners to make a fortune

Some unscrupulous and forward thinking dealers have already set up companies to profit from the soon to come Zimbabwe Bond Notes, it has been revealed.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Doctor John Mangudya told reporters yesterday that there are some well known individuals who have already set up companies to “burn” cash for profit.

He went on to warn and caution these people ahead of the coming of bond notes this November.

“Some of you think you are going to ‘burn’ the bond notes. The dealership mentality does not build a country,” he said.

A  business woman who runs a clothing shop in Harare told Zimbabwenewsdy reporters that she would be ‘burning  the bond money for profit as soon as it is launched’.

“They made millions during Zim dollar time and they do not want us to be rich too, they are joking, this time I will be the first,” said the woman who spoke to our reporters on condition of anonymity.

Experts say that the bond notes will not be usable in foreign countries making it likely that illegal cash dealings will take place as foreign travellers would need hard currency before they leave Zimbabwe.

The new money will be ready by Monday 31 October, 2016



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