Published On: Sun, Oct 30th, 2016

What can a country of 15 million people do with 15 billion dollars ?

1. Create Zimbabwe construction company that will be responsible for all public works.

2) Buy 700 electric buses which will cost 280 million dollars. The 700 ebuses will enable us to remove all kombis and more important save the environment. 3)Refurbish all locomotive and coaches (trains)and expand railway lines.

3) A 94 bed new hospital recently opened in SA and it cost 200m rands which is 14m dollars. How about we build twenty one hospitals across the country-to be built by the newly created Zimbabwe construction company

4.Kindles (tablets) for all primary and secondary children. All textbooks will be loaded on the tablet.

5) open a solar manufacturing plant that will sell solar panels to houses at a great discount thereby solving our power problems. the plant will also export.

6) Upgrade the roads and remove toll gates.

7) buy new police cars 8

)pay air zim debts and buy 2nd hand aircraft… The possibilities are endeless and i haven’t even reached the 8 billion dollar mark



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