Published On: Mon, Oct 31st, 2016

#RhodesMustFall Victory for UCT students

It is victory for the students of the University of Cape Town today as the Cecil John Rhodes statue shall no longer be returning to the university. The Heritage Western Cape Built Environment Committee came to this decision today.
Last year saw the beginning of the #RhodesMustFall campaign. This resulted in student protests at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Students wanted the Rhodes statue removed from the University grounds. This was because many saw the statue as a symbol of colonial oppression. In March 2015 student leader Chumani Maxwele threw faeces onto the statue. Other students follows in his footsteps by throwing paint and beating the statue which led to its temporary removal.
An application to have the statue permanently removed today has been granted. The Rhodes statue shall no longer be located at the University of Cape Town. There is a 14 day period in which those who oppose the decision may appeal. This is definitely a win for the students who fought so hard to get the statue removed. It is a step towards the decolonization of many South African universities.
The Heritage Western Cape which is responsible for handing out this decision is yet to find a new location for the statue. At present the statue shall continue to be stored and safe guarded. It will not be destroyed as it remains an integral part of South African history.



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