Published On: Tue, Nov 1st, 2016

Robert Mugabe’s youth defies High Court order

Zanu PF youths who illegally settled on land belonging to four housing cooperatives in Warren Park, Harare, are defying a High Court order interdicting them from erecting structures at the site. Southpole, Westwood, Warren Hills and Walk in Spirit housing cooperatives were allocated 206 stands on the land in question in February 2015 and were in the process of servicing the stands.

Zanu PF youths

However, some Zanu PF youths, led by Agoni Mosi, Tapiwa Kanyemba, Daniel Chigona and Abicia Ibrahim Ushewokunze, who were cited as the first to the fourth respondents, illegally occupied the area and erected structures.

A report was made to Warren Park police station but no action was taken. This prompted the cooperatives to approach the High Court, which granted them the order on October 14 2016.

“First, second,third and fourth respondents and all those claiming through them be and are hereby interdicted from erecting building structures or visiting and interfering with the applicants allocated housing land at Warren Park township , Harare and Plan Number TPX/WR/06/12”  read part of the order granted by High Court Judge Justice Mushowe.

The youths, however, have stayed despite the order, saying they would not leave the land as it was given to them by the Zanu PF Youth Secretary. Chipanga refused to comment on the matter and switched off his mobile phone on being asked about his role in the invasion of the stands.-ANA



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