Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016

Woman Confesses : She Slept with Pastor For Healing

 A woman in South Africa is claiming that a pastor slept  her for a healing.

Yvonne Smith  (36) from Orlando East, Soweto claimed the “healing” in exchange for punani took place over a couple months. Angry Yvonne said she wants to put a stop to pastors who take advantage of people like her.

“I suffered a stroke last August. I was in and out of hospital but was not getting any better. I was invited to the church where the pastor concentrated on me and prayed for me.

“After I got better, the pastor started making sexual and financial demands. I could not face going back to the pain that I felt while I was sick, because I could tell he was powerful.

“He kept poking me for months until I said ‘enough’,” claimed Yvonne. She claimed the holy man milked her of more than R40 000.

“I even bought a piano for him worth R20 000,” Yvonne alleged. But Pastor Bongani Manyisa said that Yvonne just wanted to see him down and out.

“I have a protection order against her because she harasses me all the time. She cost me my place at the church. She just wants to see me suffer. I don’t owe her anything.

“I thought it was just her gratitude for helping her during her healing process.”

“Now I just want to recover from all this. Despite not being part of that church anymore I still have God’s calling and will continue to help people.



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