Published On: Fri, Nov 4th, 2016

“I am the small fish in the sea of sharks”- Jonathan Moyo

Tariro Daphne Senderayi

I am the small fish in the sea of sharks”- Jonathan Moyo

So our twitter Professor, Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo took to twitter as is the norm with him dangling a damning tweet that read “There’s a senior politician who owns 739 gold mines all of which use smuggling as their tax free export channel!”

Thus, making him a whistle-blower of sorts.

Such an utterance at such a time as this when the law for the ushering in of bond notes has been promulgated and the queues at the banks for the now ever evasive US Dollar resemble a campsite in a refugee camp. This is much worse than we can imagine. This referring to the rot that has brought Zimbabwe to its knees. How is the citizenry meant to feel when such utterances are making front news and trending? Deflated perhaps? Outraged is more like it.

The above assertion if we have to ride by it as true, can actually fund adequately the creation of a 3 billion local currency backed by gold and put a plug to the bond notes nonsense. Never mind the 15 billion that has become that scratched disk in the activist spheres.

Jonathan Moyo has come out guns blazing and in a few words he is insisting that his is just a mere storm in a teacup. That he is not the political big fish is this corruption game embedded in the DNA of the ruling party. That in fact there are bigger, juicier players that are being left unscathed by the selective sponsored journalists. The honourable Minister is not refuting that he did it but is insisting that there are bigger perpetrators that need to be fished out of ZANU PF.

The background to such an utterance befalls on how the Minister is hell bent on “…suing Zimpapers and others who have lied that I’ve admitted to false Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission allegations of abuse of Zimdef funds by likening myself to Robin Hood…”

The cans keep opening and worms keep coming out. Factional fight or not, the rot conducted by public officials especially those of the ruling party ZANU PF is palpable and devastating. In as much as the economy is bleeding is there really a genuine attempt being made to stop the bleeding? Or better yet to do something about those whose hands have been found in the cookie jar?



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