Published On: Sat, Nov 5th, 2016

Leaked Exam papers, not just a Zimbabwe problem

South Africa is currently facing a matric exam paper leakage problem. It has been confirmed that the Maths paper 2 was leaked from Gauteng to the Limpopo province. This has become a huge problem in many countries especially due to the technological advances that allow for easy sending of data. Whatsapp has been greatly used to spread leaked exam papers. In the 2015 matric examinations another exam leakage scandal rocked the National headlines.

Last year Zimbabwe’s O level students had to retake the maths exam due to the fact that it had been leaked. This left many of the students who had not seen the leaked paper feeling angry. Time had been wasted on studying and writing an exam that had to be rewritten. It also resulted in the O level students going on their holidays later than was first anticipated. The leakage of exam papers is a serious crime that can be punishable by jail time however this does not seem to deter perpetrators.
The leakage of the maths paper in South Africa is being investigated by the Hawks. This is a specialised investigative unit. Students have come forward and confessed their receipt of the leaked paper. Most of the students received it via whatsapp group chats. Their confessions are essential in the investigations that are to taking place.
Zimbabwean students are currently writing their final public exams. There have been no official reports of any exam paper leakages. Platforms such as whatsapp however continue to be used to send exam papers that are supposedly meant to be the actual exam paper to be written. However so far these have all been practical jokes and not the actual exam papers.
With easier access to information and technology, it is imperative that examining bodies enforce strict measures in securing exam papers. It is important to also make sure that the public is aware that having leaked exam papers is a crime. Funds must be used in anti-cheating campaigns in schools. Reports of suspected exam paper leakages should be investigated vigorously. Countries such as Zimbabwe and South Africa should work hard to maintain the integrity of their national public exams



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