Published On: Sat, Nov 5th, 2016

Of terrorism, weapons, refugees, the cash

By Trevor Makonyonga

 The Boko Haram scourge that has hit Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon which is currently causing many people to live in fear has become a catastrophe and a menace to African peace. With a sizeable number of militants, the terror group could easily be stopped if perhaps the African Union was indeed the united group they claim to be. The same goes for other terrorist groups such as Daesh, ISIS, and Al Shabab among the ever growing list; if the United Nations were indeed united there would not be any terrorists or wars going on. The terrorists always seem to be equipped and they always have monetary resources for attacks, who then is funding them if everyone is against terrorism?

Revelations that the arms being supplied to some nations, like Nigeria and Turkey, end up being in the wrong hands show that there has to be a syndicate in existence which preys on the terrorists. A simple but complicated view would argue that the United States of America and her allies need the terrorists to justify their occupation of the Middle East. The terrorists are also needed to test ammunition so it is fair to say the whole scenario is a game. Terrorists are given weapons, they get attacked, hey retaliate and new weapons are tested on them and the experimentation process goes on. Most soldiers and extreme Muslims fight battles they do not know.

The soldiers are told that they are fighting against terror and the extremists are told that they are getting rid of infidels but in actual fact they are enriching a few people. Few people know the real agendas for these wars. Firstly, a character known as Osama Bin Laden was created to force occupation of the Middle East. No one ever saw a current video of Osama Bin Laden and no one ever saw Bin Laden speak. The world was given a pictorial impression of a would be character that the whole September 11 attack was based on. His demise was a scripted action play which the whole world bought. Nobody saw the wreckage of the supposed Bin Laden residence and the bodies were not shown. Knowing how the USA is obsessed with embarrassing “threats”, Bin Laden should have been treated no differently to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadhafi. His body would have been paraded and videos of the bombing would have been leaked. But since such a person did not exist, good script writers had to be hired. Bringing war to the USA was a good reason for occupying the Middle East but was the West prepared for one of the biggest consequences of the war?

Migration has been a huge concern for the majority of the Western countries. There has been a huge influx of refugees in the western world as most of the affected people seek for peaceful hubs to survive. Europe and America are considered the safest places to be at and as such most people look for reasons to go there. With war in place, most refugees will do anything to be in Europe and America. It is only logical that after running away from war torn regions, refugees will go to peaceful and rich countries. Although it is a global crisis, it is more of karma. By allowing other countries to soar into terrible conditions, the burden will simply come back to the stable ones. With genuine unity, wars will be curbed and refugees will be a myth.

The other concern that the world is faced with is that of illegal fire-arms trading. Arms that are sold legally could easily match those sold illegally in numbers. Who is being enriched and who is benefitting from these transactions? There has to be honesty and transparency in the fight against terrorism. Greed will bring humanity into extinction. Civil organisations might try to ease the situation in affected regions but they will not stop the killings and the destruction of the buildings and sources of livelihoods. The current case in Yemen where the Saudis are preying on the Yemeni people and the big brothers of the world are folding their hands seemingly watching as the disaster goes on. Turkish officials have arrested various civil servants suspiciously in the guise of a failed coup d’état when in actuality it seems to a move to supress opposition.

If the United Nations was not a five member organisation then wars, dictatorships and terrorism would be non-existent. The major challenge is that there are big disputes amongst the Security Council with Russia and USA always exhibiting resentment. With the UK pulling out the EU and Australia advocating for a UN exit, the drama of terror, refugees and war seems to be unending script. It is a game played by the rich and the poor. zimbabwenewsday



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