Published On: Mon, Nov 7th, 2016

4 Reasons why I wouldn’t want to be Saviour ‘Tyson’ Kasukuwere right now

  1. Recently falling from the good graces of His Excellency, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe

It had been an interesting unfolding of events especially last month when His Excellency dealt one of his alleged ‘youthful besties’  a heavy hand and tongue lashing. It was none other than the controversial Minister of Local Governance, Saviour Kasukuwere.  We ask ourselves questions as to how these ‘besties’ ended up crossing swords and these are the supposed reasons. He was questioned by His Excellency recently “Ko makutengesera vana Magaya mastand evanha?” Meaning “you are now selling the stands intended for the youths to the likes of Magaya?”It would appear as though all the ministers who fell from the good graces our President it happened in the presence of Oppah Muchinguri and this has happened to ‘Tyson’. Apparently the President asked him to own up on whether he sold the stands to Magaya and his other political cronies. ZACC has also been tailing him on his role in the alleged improper sale of 300 hectares of land. The said probe by ZACC is said to be completed by the end of this month. However, Kasukuwere maintains that he has been caught in the cross hairs of the ongoing volatile factional fights in the ruling party. This is a sure sign that the end may be nigh for this Comrade and he is inching closer to the exit door slow inch by slow inch. People are rubbing their hands in anticipation to see how that shall pan out as the first warning shots have been fired.

  1. His silence or non-defence stance amidst the gay rumours

Well, how many times has Norton Constituency victor outspoken Temba Mliswa claimed to have in his possession very damaging evidence of ‘Tyson’s’ alleged gay shenanigans? Never a day did he refute the allegations that he is batting for the other team. This back and forth hauling of accusations began with Kasukuwere accusing Temba Mliswa of being a womaniser and in good fashion Temba addressed the accusation by admitting that he enjoys the company of the fairer sex but at least none of them are men. Kasukuwere was accused of being party and privy to a gay power hungry cartel within ZANU-PF and we all waited with much abated breath for ‘Tyson’s’ response. Well… we are still waiting with much abated breath. The silence from his camp is deafening and is so unlike him. Silence in our Shona culture many a times especially when you have been fingered (excuse the pun) for wrong doing is usually tantamount to a guilty plea. It is an admission. Such a shame to be caught in the middle of such a storm especially on allegations of what His Excellency frowns upon and has always castigated.

  1. The recent humiliating public deportation of his son from the UK

Iron lady Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May who is very popular for her strong willed intention to reduce net immigration in the UK accepted petition papers to deport Kasukuwere’s son, Takudzwa. Due to his continued violation of people’s rights it led to a demo in the UK. Which mind you was rid of violence and very peaceful at the doorstep of the Minister’s home. People’s bone of contention with Kasukuwere’s son studying abroad was the ZANU-PF establishment which purports not to look west but Far East has continuously looted the nation dry and has destroyed what once was a highly esteemed education system. By taking his son to the UK it was like he was sticking his middle finger to Zimbabweans.  People questioned why his son couldn’t acquire his degree in our own backyard, at UZ in the name of patriotism.

  1. Sten Zvorwadza will see to it that he will not rest until ‘Tyson’ is behind the Chikurubi prison bars.

Yes, I said it. The man of the moment in Zimbabwe activism, Sten Zvorwadza who is famous for making a lot of noise so that our VP vacates the Rainbow towers after having occupied the presidential suite for 550+ days. And well wearing some colourfully pink socks on the day he made headlines. We all know how relentless Sten is. A few days ago he tried to write a petition to the police in Harare to arrest Kasukuwere. In the petition he was demanding the arrest of ‘Tyson’ for all his corrupt and shady dealings. Sten insists that the ZANU PF Commissar should be oustered because he has been publicly fingered (excuse the pun…again) in corrupt activities involving housing stands in Harare and other cities. In fact it’s not only Sten who wants to see ‘Tyson’s’ head on the chopping block but other concerned citizens are also demanding that he be investigated for his involvement in the cyanide poisoning of over one hundred elephants at Hwange National Park whilst he was still Environment, Water and climate Minister. Furthermore, people are gunning for his head in his involvement in the controversial community share ownership schemes. In these mounting allegations one wonders if the glue that is ‘Tyson’ will continue to hold or will succumb to the pressure.


At the moment I wouldn’t trade an arm or a leg to be in ‘Tyson’s’ shoes. Being known as the man in possession of the looting machine in his backyard we are gladly passing the popcorn to one another and being spectator as the events unfold. His life resembles a house of toppling cards as the law and the citizens are slowly closing in on him. What shall become of him only time will tell. zimbabwenewsday



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