Published On: Mon, Nov 7th, 2016

Opinion : Want to make Zimbabwe great again, vote Donald Trump

Want to make Zimbabwe great again, vote  Donald Trump, yes Donald Trump .I can hear howls of derision, sighs of disbelief ,tongues being clicked in pity, heads shaking in anger but I still maintain why Donald Trump can be and might be the panacea to Zimbabwe’s ills. Donald trump has awoken the average American public to face the reality of a political and economic and social hegemony that pervades the world greatest nation, although a certain Mr Vladimir Putin might dispute this line .It all started with a certain wily old codger, Bernie Sanders, who surprised all and sundry in the Democratic Party establishment with a spirited, for the people based campaign during the primary season. He had to be cajoled into accepting defeat but it was evident how popular he was with the people, which bring us to the question, who are the people. Well for me, the people are every man who is under the sky thus this includes people like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. What are the requisite qualifications for one to be a “people”, oops sorry a person. Well, a person is one who has the interests of his fellow man.A person is one being who can associate with every Thomas, Dickson and my aunty Jenny. A people,oops sorry, a person is one who know how to share all the resources under our beloved sky. I can hear murmurs of “but I worked to get to where I am, which the is the pinnacle of success , the top of the ladder. I hear some whispering to the effect that not all people can have the same life or are equal. Yes all mankind can never be at the same level but what makes you say I am at the top . I can hear you ryme likeTupac Amaru Shakur   “I am a self-made millionaire”. If you insist I would ask you about your competition, are they shadows? I will ask you if you are in business who you sell to your products, is it wind? I would ask you if you were a political what you led,dogs, pigs? I say it is the people thereby enabling a symbiotic relationship whereby those at the top and the people work together to make everything under the sky bearable, livable, durable and not monotonous.

Which brings me back to Donald Trump and my voting for him to make Zimbabwe great again? Yes I know you are saying, is this person under the cosh or something?  What the devil is he talking about? Has he lost his marbles? Well for me, Donald Trump has awakened something that has been taken for granted by the US establishment, both Democratic and Republican, which is that a candidate, be it for the Congress, Senate or Presidency, can be a person or as I like to put it, a people. The man says what the common man thinks and he talks, acts and I think even laughs like the common person. He does not hide behind his finger. He says it as it is like he is in a downtown bar in the Bronx in New York. The furore about him wanting to deport Muslims is just but what the majority of Americans think and even say in private. His idea of throwing out Mexican drug lords has been on every average American’s lips since the drug problem started. The furore over how he was recorded talking about how he handles women is boys talk or to borrow his words “locker room talk”. I challenge any man to dispute that males talk about their   sometimes rough handling of women.

Again, I can hear discontent about how this has to do with making Zimbabwe great again. Yes I borrowed Mr Trump’s slogan and tinkered with it by deleting America and inserting Zimbabwe because I am a Zimbabwean. I can see looks of recognition as to the road which I intend to travel on. This road has or is what I think Zimbabwe needs. The road of the people of Zimbabwe. This road needs a builder. Confused.  Let me explain .Zimbabwe needs leadership in all spheres is it economic, social, political, religious and even sporting leadership. There is a vacuum that needs to be filled and I believe this can be filled by the people not those from the establishment. Zimbabwe establishment is made up of political leaders from Zanu PF,the many MDC’s, “Civic society”, business leaders and religious leaders amongst the whole coterie.

I will dissect all sections with the honesty and innocence of one who lives among the people in the ghettos, townships and growthpoint.i want to pinpoint all that we , the people think of Zanu PF. This is a a party that carried the people from the yoke of colonial bondage, yes I can hear them Zanuids bristling with baited anger because I dare include their party’s name in this muddy pool of people , Trump and the heinous American government . This party has been ably led by the grandmaster of not only Zimbabwean politics but African politics, Mzee Robert Gabriel Mugabe.I like the elder, make no mistake about it. I like what he has inculcated in the people, which the belief that only they , they alone can be their own liberators, economic managers , religious manager , social managers, yes even civic managers.Th e man has given the people the power to identify themselves as people. You can never tell a Zimbabwean person to sod off without just cause. He/ she will answer you adequately and properly. Herein lies the problem, my esteemed elder has let nature take its course. That’s his failure. Nature dictates the general and gradual deterioration of one’s body thus rendering one unable to execute his heaven sent gift nimbly and with the dexterity of a teenager. This deterioration of my favorite statesman has now dragged a whole generation if not generations into a cesspool of hunger, despair , despondency, the Zimbabwe Gestapo love this word, otherwise if time could be turned back or frozen when he was in his prime, then Zimbabwe would have been great as always. Thus the grand piano of all political parties is in a limbo thereby dragging us the people down the toilet. We are choking in human dung and liquid waste because of this vacuum in our liberators portfolio. This is no longer liberation but “disliberation” if ever there is such a word. Case in point, a cabinet minister, one of favorites too, commits blatant abuse of office which amounts to fraud but he is left scot-free to perform his duties. I think I hear  grunts of so what, have you ever been a cabinet minister but I say no common logic tells me that you cannot divert funds meant for the young people for other purposes . That’s gross mismanagement at its worst. But then when I come to think of it , this case is just an icicle compared to the iceberg which probably sank the Zimtanic in muddy lake Chivero  .i am talking about the fifteen billion dollars from diamond revenues which the dear leader himself admitted mysteriously disappeared ,yet you say nature has not taken its course. I doubt. This defies logic

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