Published On: Mon, Nov 14th, 2016

Army in Recruitment Drive amid Nepotism Charges

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces, ZDF,  which comprises the Zimbabwe National Army,ZNA, and the Airforce of Zimbabwe ,AFZ,has  reportedly started a recruitment drive around the country’s provinces  in a move that analysis view as its own attempt to help the embattled Zanu Pf  government  address the burning issue of massive unemployment  especially among the youth

The Airforce of Zimbabwe has already started the excise across all provinces with young men and women being invited to undergo interviews at army barracks like the 4. 1 Infantry battalion in Masvingo last week where the selection process was said to have been mired in nepotism as some prospective airmen and women allegedly did not go through all the required tests but were eventually found on the successful candidates list much to the dismay of those who would have undergone all the processes

Said an disappointed  job seeker who requested  anonymity ”imagine someone never wrote the exams but they were told that they had got into the program whilst those like me who have no one  who could lend a hand in order for me to get in were  forced to undergo all the steps , only to be told that we had failed”  

 “They should not have advertised in the newspapers because they already had their people thus wasting our time” added the visibly distraught young man who said he had come from Zaka district in the province

These nepotism  allegations  come on the back of statements by senior army officials that corruption was a destabilizing factor in the country with the army Chief of Staff Administration, Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba telling a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee  on Defence and Security  that the  country’s economy  was not growing and was bleeding  because  of corruption by senior government officials among other things that went  unabated adding that it was a cancer which was taking the nation backward thereby causing insecurity to the nation.

The Commander of the Zimbabwe National Army Lieutanant General Philip Valerio Sibanda told a national weekly newspaper that government officials who were engaging corrupt activities must be prepared to face prosecution in accordance to Zimbabwe’s laws.

Critics of the recruitment program however point out that the government had no resources to  add more people on its wage bill citing Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa ‘s 2016 budget statement where he said the civil service bill gobbled around 80 percent of government expenses

Other analysts view this as a lame attempt to placate a restive young generation which is wallowing in the throes of unemployment, currently at a jaw dropping 90 percent

The ZNA is scheduled to conduct its own recruitment starting this week across the country and skeptics point out that it will be another nepotism prone excise judging from  what transpired at the AFZ  sessions



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