Published On: Mon, Nov 14th, 2016

Official bond Zimbabwe Bond Notes Update

Harare: Zimbabwe’s controversial money, also known as BOND NOTES, is now ready to use, the country’s reserve bank(RBZ) has announced.

In a telephone interview with reporters  on Saturday, RBZ Governor John Mangudya announced the imminent arrival of bond notes.

He was clear that they will be officially used starting in the last week of November between 25 and 29 November.

The actual date will be known just  before actual launch for security reasons.

Zim News is reliably informed that the new money has already been distributed to all banks across the country.

Asked about the specimen for the new money, Mangudya said that the two will be simultaneously launched.

“The bond notes and its specimen will be released at the same time which is at the end of this month and will go through the banking system just like what we did with the bond coins,” he said.

Showing defiance in the face of criticism, Mangudya reassured the nation that he is doing what is good and best for the country.

“We are building the country and we need to work together as Zimbabweans to ensure that people embrace the bond notes,” he said.

He also emphasised that the token money will not replace the basket of multi-currencies that are being used in the country.

Zimbabwe uses a number of currencies including US dollar, Sterling Pound, Rand, Pula and many others.

“The multi-currencies are here to stay. We are not replacing them. People should not panic because we are not going to replace the foreign currencies with the bond notes,” he added.




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