Published On: Mon, Nov 14th, 2016

Zanu PF rejects’ paltry’ donation

 MASVINGO- The ruling ZANU PF party has rejected “paltry” donations from companies in Masvingo and has threatened to take unspecified action against big companies that fail to donate either money or goods towards the hosting of the party’s national conference to be held on December 12 this year.

The conference will be held at the Masvingo show grounds 20 kilometers away from the Great Zimbabwe Monuments from where the country derives
its name.

The move by the ruling party follows reports that Bikita minerals the country’s sole lithium producer had pledged to donate only USD 900 towards the hosting of the conference citing the current harsh economic conditions.

ZANU PF politburo member Josaya Hungwe who is also part of the fund raising team said the ruling party will not accept paltry donations and vowed to deal with companies that fail to donate anything “meaningful”.

“We are not going to accept such a little donation from such a big company,”said Hungwe. “We are going to engage Bikita minerals and other big companies with the aim of telling them that we will not accept such “paltry”donations.

“As the fund raising team we will deal with those companies that do not want to contribute anything,”said Hungwe without elaborating. Bikita minerals has maintained that it can not afford to donate huge cash because of the prevailing harsh economic environment.

The ruling party will host its annual conference in Masvingo this year amid reports that the event will gobble a staggering USD 4 million.

Each province is expected to raise about USD 50 000 towards the hosting of the event. In addition to the USD 50 000 Masvingo province says it has already raised USD 30 000 and 45 herd of cattle.

“Our fund raising activities are going on well and we expect tom surpass our target,”said Hungwe. “One of our members donated 45 herd of cattle to slaughtered during the event,”said Hungwe.

“We are going to host mother of all conferences ,”he added. The ruling party hosts the conference against a background of deep rooted factionalism which is threatening to tear the party apart.

The G40 faction allegedly led by the first lady Grace Mugabe and Lacoste allegedly led by vice president Emerson Munangagwa are
battling for supremacy.

However Munangagwa and the first lady have vehemently denied leading factions.

Masvingo is believed to be Munangagwa’s stronghold. The event will see dozens of people currently living in the Masvingo Show grounds being evicted. zimbabwenewsday




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