Published On: Fri, Nov 18th, 2016

Breaking News : #MunhuWeseMuroad Demo Sabotaged?


The hype had gone up as citizens were prepared to make the necessary sacrifice to ensure that their position on bond notes and the increased corruption by public officials is clear.

Momentum has been ebbing for the past few weeks with talk of a massive demo being planned by the citizens and led by activists like Patson Dzamara, Sten Zvorwadza and Linda Musarira.  The anthem became the hashtag #MunhuWeseMuroad. This being the movement that is was scheduled for the 18th of November. This was said to become the mother all demos that Zimbabwe has ever seen. One that would be one of its kind because so much meticulous planning had gone into it.

Citizens had prepared themselves to hit the streets with much gusto on the day as they were sick and tired of the inept Government and its unempathetic policies. Citizens are of the view that bond notes are not the answer despite the catastrophic liquidity crisis. At least some citizens that is when many are actually asking day in and day out when the bond notes are coming. The cash crisis has seen many squabbling over if the bond notes would solve the crisis or finish off the little that is left of the economy of Zimbabwe.

Nothing prepared the unsuspecting citizens for the latest developments. Will the citizens go onto the streets after this or the seed of fear has been planted already and they will not dare? Last night as news has it saw Patson Dzamara and other four unnamed activists subjected to the gruelest torture. Apparently, his car was torched and he was taken by police and some plain clothed officer at around 11 pm. This morning all those prepared to take to the streets were in limbo as pictures began to surface on social media platforms of what was left of his car and later also heard that he had been abducted.

A few hours later pictures of brutalised Dzamara surfaced again on social media and has left many shocked. Other die hard activists insist that the demo shall go on despite these attempts by the regime to intimidate the citizens into silence. But mind you this is not a political demo but a citizen’s demo that is being pushed for by the ordinary people of Zimbabwe without any political skirts attached. The wet blanket to all this is the fact that Harare CBD this morning is riddled with riot police in every corner you turn to. In the face of this would the citizens forge on regardless?

Are the citizens going to march today or not? This is indeed a question that begs an answer.





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