Published On: Sun, Nov 20th, 2016

Wicknell types will rule Zimbabwe, warns Tendai Biti

by: Staff Reporter
 PEOPLE’S Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti has warned that the country risks being taken over by a corrupt and parasitic Zanu PF generation if opposition forces fail to control the transition process.

His remarks come in light of the serious internal squabbles, threatening the ruling party over by President Robert Mugabe’s succession.

The row in the ruling party pits the liberation veterans who back vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa against a younger G40 cadre-ship which did not fight in the independence war but has become powerful and wealthy – with sources of the latter attribute unclear in many cases.

The apparently leaderless G40 has not pronounced its succession preference but pretends to back Mugabe’s wife Grace although that alliance has appeared to be faltering in recent weeks.

Biti, a former finance minister, warned that a more wicked generation of Zanu PF zealots was taking advantage of the struggles in the party and the unconsolidated efforts of opposition parties to usurp power.

“If we do not control this transition where Zanu PF is going through its own internal metamorphosis, will have another generation taking over post Mugabe for another 40 years,” he said while speaking at a meeting which is part of a series of PDP discussions code-named Beyond Mugabe recently.

With an estimated 5 million voters, Zimbabwe has about 30 registered political parties—some believed by observers to be Zanu PF tools for splitting the opposition vote.

Biti described the younger Zanu Pf generation as more dangerous than Mugabe’s regime as it is made up of people who were unwilling to sacrifice anything.

“At least Mugabe’s generation has some history of sacrifice. It requires sacrifice to go to war but the younger generation in Zanu PF are there to eat literally and metaphorically.

“Their biggest hero is Phillip Chiyangwa, Ginimbi (Genius Kadungure), Sir Wicknell, those are their false heroes and those are the kind of people taking over Zanu PF.”

The PDP leader added, “This new generation which we must be afraid of is a parasitic class.

“They cling onto something someone has built; they are more dangerous than the old generation.”

The former Finance minister said both factions in Mugabe’s party were infested “with these parasites”.

“They are like a cat fish; it doesn’t hunt in clean waters. It goes underground and muddles until water is dirty and then start to hunt.

“It doesn’t matter which faction, G40 or Lacoste, the catfish and parasitic classes are there.”



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