Published On: Mon, Nov 21st, 2016

Security tightened at Zanu PF conference venue

MASVINGO- Security has been tightened at the Masvingo Showgrounds the venue of the Zanu PF conference,amid reports that people already staying in the grounds have bowed down to pressure to vacate the area during  conference days.

Dozens of people currently living in the Masvingo show grounds had vowed to resist moves  for their relocation arguing that they had running contracts with the Masvingo Show Society.

The showgrounds are now being guarded 24hours a day until the conference opens on

Instead of hiring party youths to provide security at the venue Zanu PF has sought the assistance of the Zimbabwe Republic Police  where members of the special constabulary have been hired to provide security being assisted by members of the regular force.

Zanu PF sources said that the party could not hire youths because of factional fighting currently bedeviling the ruling party.

“We have opted to use the police instead of party youths because of factional fighting in our party,”said a party source.

“We felt that police are a neutral force hence they will just provide security without any bias or favor,”added the source.

Party provincial chairman Amasa Nhenjana confirmed that security had been tightened at the conference venue.

“As the host province we have come up with our own ways of making sure that we provide security at the conference venue,”said Nhenjana.

“We want to make sure that everything goes on well hence the tight security,”he said.

Zanu PF sources said that security has been tightened due to factional fighting within the ruling party.

“Because of these factional fights you never know what will happen hence we decided to make sure that security has to be tight,”added the source.

The ruling party has two distinct factions, one allegedly led by the first lady Grace Mugabe and the other one led by vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Both Mnangagwa and Mugabe have denied leading any factions.

The two  warring camps are allegedly fighting for control to succeed the aged Mugabe 92

It also emerged yesterday that dozens of people currently staying at the Showgrounds have agreed to vacate the place to pave way for the conference.

Initially the occupants had resisted eviction arguing that they were paying money to the Masvingo Show Society.

Some argued that they were occupying premises rented by the companies hence they resisted relocation.

“We have reached an agreement with those occupying the Showgrounds that they will leave the area to pave way for the conference,”said Nhenjana.

The ZANU PF congress with gobble a staggering USD 4 million while 60 herd of cattle and 3000 chickens will be slaughtered for the event.



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