Published On: Tue, Nov 22nd, 2016

Lawsuits against NERA coordinated demonstrations

Simon Munyoro

HARARE – Zanu-pf apologist organisation masquerading as Citizens Against Violence and Anarchy (Cavaa) will today file an action class lawsuit with the Zimbabwean Courts against the National Electoral Reforms Agenda (NERA) coordinated demonstrations which took place in August this year.

CAVAA has been inviting all business people whose property was looted and destroyed to submit claims and get free legal advice since September 9 this year. In its court submissions the association is arguing that NERA must restore or compensate business people and vendors who lost thousands of dollars’ worth of property in the process of the demonstrations.


However in NERA Secretariat has since dismissed the claims in the court application citing that they were not responsible for the destruction of property.

The background of the matter is that, NERA – a coalition of opposition political parties had penciled peaceful demonstrations to take place on August 26 this year dubbed the “Mega Friday” .

The move was in a bid to pressure the government to expedite electoral laws reforms- a factor which has been pointed at by the political parties as an impediment to free and fair elections.

But the government was not comfortable in seeing the demonstrations proceeding and  this indication prompted NERA officials to  file an urgent court application.

Upon considering the facts submitted by the government and NERA organizers Justice Hlekani Mwayera ruled that the demonstration had to proceed.

However, in open defiance of the court order, Zimbabwe Republic Police   decided to suppress the peaceful demonstrations and instilled fear through maintaining heavy presence as armed police men on canisters maintained heavy presence across the county’s major cities.

The development frustrated Zimbabweans who have been living in abject poverty for over a decade now and they forged ahead with the demonstration which saw shops and roadside stalls being looted in the Central business District Zone of Harare.

Most business people and vendors cried foul after losing their areas to irate protesters.   



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