Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

Zimbabwe NERA scheduled Demonstrations take a U-turn

A DEMONSTRATION by the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) parties, which was slated for this Wednesday, has been postponed to November 30 after a police ban.

 In a statement, NERA Convenor, Farai Mbira, expressed disappointment with the police strategy to deny citizens the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to demonstrate peacefully.

“NERA notified police on its intention to hold its peaceful demo but was taken aback when police invoked a never applied POSA clause to ban the demonstration,” Mbira said.

The said clause requires demo organisers to provide the police with a name of a person taking responsibility for the contact and outcome of the demo, NERA said.

“Clearly, this police requirement is aimed at targeting at an individual for any undesirable outcome of the demonstration. NERA will, therefore, defer the demo to 30 November, 2016,” Mbira said.

Of late, the police have been targeting protest leaders, arresting and assaulting some of them. Last Friday, another anti- bond notes demo was thwarted by police as organisers were abducted and heavily assaulted by suspected state agents in Harare.

The ZUNDE leader said NERA will never surrender or give up on the peoples’ constitutional right to demonstrate and petition government as enshrined in Section 59 of the Constitution.

“NERA is deeply concerned by the current issues bedevilling our country and, therefore, we cannot be that irresponsible to look the other way when the people of Zimbabwe are being preyed upon by the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Dr Mangudya,” said Mbira.

  He added, “People lost property and all their life savings in 2008/9 to former governor Gideon Gono regime and we shall not sit down and do nothing when the government does it again.”

“NERA demands that government abandon this broad day light robbery and sit down with all the relevant parties to finding a permanent solution to our problems through a free, fair and credible election whose outcome is not contested.”



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