Published On: Fri, Nov 25th, 2016

Demonstrations are a waste of time in Zimbabwe – Mliswa

Simon Munyoro
HARARE – The newly elected Norton Independent Parliamentarian says that street protests are not going to move the Zanu-PF government in any way neither will they bring any change.

Mliswa revealed this at a press briefing held at Media Center in Harare while responding to a question on what he saw as the best way to push for democratic space in the country.

 “I maintain my position on the fact that street protests are a sheer waste of time and a poor strategy. Zimbabweans do not like the truth but that is my responsibility to show the way things really are.
“Look at Patson Dzamara he has been demonstrating but it is getting him hurt all the time and nothing is changing.We have to be honest the state machinery is very brutal and these protests will leave innocent people injured bruised and dead. Right now most people have lost hope and that is why we are having very few people willing to participate in the demonstrations,” he said.

Mliswa added that the people of Zimbabwe especially the youths should go and participate in their constituencies advising them to be on the ground .He also discouraged the people from relying on social media as a tool of campaign as he said that voters do not participate in social media.
“The old women who vote do not know about social media, you must go to the constituencies and be a part of them attend funerals, go to sports days at local schools and make them feel your presence,” explained Mliswa.He also advised the pressure groups like Tajamuka to take their demonstration tactics right to the constituency level.
“There is need to take the concept to the government offices within the constituencies if you are to be successful,” he said.



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