Published On: Fri, Nov 25th, 2016

Lumumba’s Viva Zimbabwe targets 3,5 million youths

Simon Munyoro
Harare – Acie Lumumba’s newly formed Viva Zimbabwe political party says it is targeting to take advantage of the 3, 5 million youth in the country.
The youth led political party, has since begun to set up structures in Harare province but intends to spread out to other cities in a development that will see it properly structured from National to District level.

Viva Zimbabwe’s Information Officer, Patson Mashingaidze confirmed the development to Zimbabwe Newsday saying that it is time to hit the ground running.
“We are currently carrying undertaking an organizing exercise in Harare as we already have sound membership hence we would like to set up proper structures, “he said.
Mashingaidze said that Viva Zimbabwe is the first youth led political outfit in the country as it values the role significance of the young.

“History has it that ZANU-PF was formed by youths and regional parties like the ANC of South Africa were also formed by youths. More so, the young people of Zimbabwe constitute over 70 percent of the population hence their involvement in political issues is key as they are the future of the country and will be there for the next 25 years,” said Mashingaidze.

The Viva Zimbabwe Information Officer also urged Zimbabweans to concentrate on issues that will guarantee election victory adding that street marching is no longer an option.
“I do not mean to disdain those who have fought the struggle by coming out in the open to complain but my concern is that we must be on the ground and implement strategies that will bring about meaningful change,” he added.
Lumumba made headlines when he swore against President Robert Mugabe at the launch of his political party after saying “F*** You Mr President”
He went on to threaten that if Mugabe gets him arrested and tortured for his statement the same fate will meet his own children later in life when the President is gone.



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