Published On: Fri, Nov 25th, 2016

Zim Women ravage Sir Wicknell

Social media is not without its limitations. In as much as one is entitled to free speech on their Facebook wall and anywhere else for that matter, we wonder if there is really freedom after speech. This is the case on one of the many controversial posts that Sir Wicknell posts. A man who does not shy away from controversy if anything seems to feed on being the centre of it all. This time the person on the receiving end of the tongue lashing from Wicknell were the Zimbabwean women. Unfortunately for him his unsuspecting victims did not take the lashing laying down.

This time the millionaire said that …”I have finally decided to marry this South African girl from the village….most of our Zimbabwean girls are very disrespectful and stubborn….” In so doing he opened a can of worms which I think he wasn’t not able to place a lid on it.

Women from all over Zimbabwe and in the diaspora took it upon themselves to defend their honour and tore into Mr Controversial. Many made reference to his weight issue and highlighted that even they wouldn’t want to marry him. Some made reference to the fact that he was born and raised by a Zimbo woman and has sisters who are Zimbabwean too. What stood out the most was that Zimbabwean women refused to be called disrespectful and stubborn but said that maybe he just could not handle that they are assertive and headstrong which is different.

Of interest is the fact that some men came to his rescue and said that he had actually said what most Zimbabwean men say when they have man talk. Apparently, this is common talk amongst men have had the opportunity of dating women who are not Zimbabwean. Thus, they are able to draw a comparison.

But does it not speak into the exes that he has and that he seems to be dating the wrong type of Zimbo girls over and over again? Maybe his formula needs to change as he can’t expect to use one formula and expect to yield a different result. Maybe having on one occasion met one Zimbabwean woman who was stubborn does not necessarily translate into one painting all women with the same brush. Is it just a case of sour grapes for Wicknell that he has to show how unpatriotic he is? Food for thought Mr Wicknell.

Some went on to highlight how violent Zulu women are and that he will get a taste of their wrath in just a matter of time. Some felt that it was good riddance to bad rubbish and that as long as he is no longer in Zimbabwe to constantly rub people’s noses in his ludacris wealth women couldn’t care less.

However, he needs to keep in mind that there are good Zimbabwean women who were raised well to respect their men in relationships and husbands in marriage. And that as the old adage goes “wathinta umfazi wathinta imboko”



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