Published On: Sat, Nov 26th, 2016

Breaking News! Possible Vote Recount in America: Could Clinton be the New President of the USA?

The Clinton Campaign on Saturday announced that it would be requesting that votes be recounted in several states. They have indicated that several American States do not have sufficient measures to audit votes which could essentially mean that errors could occur in the counting of votes. A recount could possibly show that Trump did not have the majority vote in the States that are to have votes recounted.

In a post election interview the Clinton campaign stated that it had not discovered any hacking of the electronic voting systems. However, sinceĀ Green Party candidate Jill Stein, has raised millions of dollars to have votes counted again in Wisconsin, the Clinton Campaign is supporting this move. They have said that it is unlikely to cause a change in the outcome of the elections. The recount is important to show if the election was in fact fair.

Clinton supporters have welcomed this news with excitement as many hope for a change of outcome. They have been calling for a recount since Trump was announced the winner of the Presidential election even after receiving a substantial number of votes than Hillary. His win was based on the electoral system the United States of America uses. It requires the President to have won the most number of States in America, the popular vote does not result in Presidency. At this stage the Trump Campaign has not responded to the possible recount of votes.



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