Published On: Sun, Nov 27th, 2016

Curious rape case of Saint Magaya

by: Bonzo reSvosve
“MAGAYA rape accuser drops case, claims she fears for her life” screamed most of the Zimbabwean internet publications or those that cared to report on the case, mainly credited to the Zimbabwe Herald.

It was breaking news indeed and on first glance I told myself “there goes that Magaya legion of undying supporters putting their intimidation machine into full throttle to try and extricate their erstwhile boss from the clutches of the law by hook or crook”. Boy was I wrong! It wasn’t what I thought, until I read the whole story; boy was I wrong.

To say I was shocked by the reasons for the withdrawal is surely a gigantic understatement, as was the manner in which the affidavit was handed to the magistrate (it was deposited under his office door over night by the woman herself).

How she managed to locate and identify the magistrate’s office door is stuff for the 007 James Bonds of this world. It is a first in this world, even for the Mafia world or the underworlds of Columbian and Colombian drug dealers for an affidavit to be delivered in that way, and for the magistrate to even bring it to court but to even read it, is stranger.

Going straight to my point, the woman who was accusing Walter Magaya of raping her said in her affidavit she was withdrawing the case because she was under pressure from outside forces that she must secure a conviction so that the “man of god” joins the ladies man, Gumbura on the other side of society where freedom is confined to a very small room with very thick walls.

She claims that the unknown people who are assumed to be government officials and rival gosprenuers were threatening to make her bid farewell to the troubled country of Zimbabwe and in indeed the world in an unceremonious way if she failed to “testify strongly” as to result in the notorious Magaya being convicted.

Now hang on a minute, is this not incredibly contradictory? I mean this woman was never forced or coerced (or at least she never said so) to file charges against the cunning Magaya. In her own words, she felt she had been wronged by Magaya and had a straight forward case where she was duped into visiting the man and being locked in this room in a certain house where she was approached by a naked Magaya armed with a pointing and loaded male flesh gun, demanding to probe her bikini-covered front internals.

Not willing to let anyone sample her never probed honey pot, she resisted but was overpowered and raped. What could be clearer than that? What person, in control of their faculties would then go to this poor woman and threaten her with death if she doesn’t get Magaya convicted?

On that police statement alone, our “Most Influential Young Person of the Year 2015” would have been made a tug team partner of Gumbura in the resort that is Chikurubi. The strangest part of this affidavit is where she says “I have received threats from people who are threatening to shoot me in the event I don’t testify well against the accused for him to be convicted or if by any chance I decide to withdraw.”

Hello, did I read that right? One of the conditions that can trigger the demise of my dear sister is her deciding to withdraw from the case, but she’s just done that; talk about falling into the trap. So in this case does this lessen the threat to her life. No, as far as I’m concerned she has just signed her death warrant?

Wasn’t she better off taking the risk and going to trial, make the courts believe her story which she felt was good enough to report to the police in the first place, than to withdraw and lose both justice and her life? To me and to most sensible people, this is a strange and ill-advised decision which only fuels more questions and makes me hear shouts of “Go deeper BONZO” from all around as the masses beg me to zero in on why this woman really withdrew her case.

Seeing she had nothing to lose by going to trial and really putting her feelings across but everything to lose including her life by withdrawing the case, she must have gained something by withdrawing the case. That’s where I see the large dollar-filled hand of Magaya, a man both accused and known for paying his way out of very sticky situations.

If you look at the odds here who is likely to benefit the most from the accuser’s withdrawal of her case from the court? It’s certainly not the accuser or those who were making the threats, neither was the state. The miraculous the biggest winner is Magaya. It is very strange that the defence knew of the affidavit dropping the charges but the prosecution and the police didn’t know.

How the document ended up in the judge’s office and the reluctance of the judge and the police to probe the hands behind the pushing of the affidavit under the office door is worrying and points to a very powerful bribe paying individual who has the police, politicians and judges in the palm of his hand.

I have no doubt that the alleged prophet’s accuser weighed her options of taking the prophet by his flesh gun in court (more like taking the bull by its horns); going head on with a cunning, attention-seeking, manipulating prophet with a bunch of menacing bouncers backed by the crème de la crème in the legal world, obvious and actual death threats from the man’s followers or walking away with a cool sack of say $100,000 in crispy notes in her hands.

Needless to say she would choose the latter, besides she was not the first woman to lose her virginity in that way, she must have told by the numerous emissaries (who would’ve included T B Joshua) sent by yours faithfully you-know-who, to sweet talk or money talk this now rich young woman. This was the most likely scenario to this poisoned chalice agreement; blame it on these nonexistent imaginary figures who have the guts to threaten someone to testify strongly but had not put her up to it in the first place and we pay you a bundle of greenbacks and instantly ship you out of the country.

If these imaginary evil and prophet-hating people really wanted Magaya to be incarcerated so badly, then I don’t see why they had to wait for someone to first make a report when they could have entrapped this man on their own. This is a man with a short celebrity life littered with so many dropped skirts and panties (and raised dresses), he himself has lost count, it wouldn’t be so hard to obtain concrete-with-steel evidence against him. Why would these mysterious figures really want to wait for this woman to bring a case first?

Needless to say, there were never such people, out to exterminate this poor woman for not securing a jail term for Magaya, because it doesn’t make any sense to do such a thing. Frankly I am one of the people who was rubbing their hands in glee just waiting for this juicy case to come before the courts, so we could hear all the gross or embarrassing details but never found it necessary one bit to ask the poor woman to visit the gym for some heavy pumping work, so she could later testify “strongly” against Magaya.

This whole movie-like episode smacks of a plot, written, directed and financed directly from Magaya’s office; I have seen such half-baked and ill-planned acts churned out of the PHD premises. Remember the day just before Magaya was arrested, the fake confessions poorly acted out to pre-empt the imminent arrest and embarrassment of the dear prophet.

Funny that the release of the affidavit also coincided with the discovery of a grenade in PHD Ministries’ church building, with the prophet immediately claiming some human aliens were after his sorry life. Honestly how can one be killed by a grenade unless it is thrown at you; for it to wait for you to come to church and then explode without anyone pulling the pin is pure fiction. What a way to divert attention from the ill-thought out affidavit.

Why do I so much believe Magaya interfered with the main witness and paid his way out of hot soup is because he has done it before; remember the Denford Mutashu adultery case, the Chipo Chakanyuka murder case, the stadium deaths and the Angela Charakupa lawsuit – all ending with Magaya coming out as the squeaky clean one. What happened to there being no smoke without a fire if I may ask?

The rape accuser has since changed the wording on the affidavit, but this piece is precisely about the initial affidavit, which raised my eyebrows and I’m sure, after realising one of their gaffs, Magaya’s movie director’s office did too, causing them to change the focus of the reason to withdraw the charges.

On a serious note however, if this case is eventually dropped before plea and this guilty-as-night prophet walks scot free again, it would be a huge blow to the cause for women’s fight to bring these abuses by the rich and powerful out in the open and to an end. It will then mean the powerless poor povo will be the only ones getting sent to prison for the crimes of rape while politicians and fake men-of-god live to abuse several more women in their lifetimes.

How sad this chapter has penned out to be; the saddest part is that this woman does not say she wasn’t raped or that they did not engage in the act of sex, she just blames it all on these fictitious mafia-style bad guys. If she was not raped but had consensual sex with the prophet what does this say about the morals and integrity of Magaya?

The finale to this case has so many loose ends it’s full of fake conspiracies and dodgy machinations by dodgy prophets, it stinks like triple Mkuvisi river, a skunk would actually call it bad smell.

BONZO reSVOSVE: Religious forensic investigator. Do it and I won’t read between the lines but between the letters.



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