Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2016

War Vets : Jonathan Moyo must not speak about succession

Simon Munyoro

HARARE-Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association Chairperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa has said that Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo must stay out of succession issues because he is politically immature and an opportunist.

The war veterans leader’s remarks are in response to sentiments aired by Moyo in Bulawayo last Friday when he launched a scathing attack on Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa and his followers, alleging that their zeal exhibited in pushing the Midlands strongman to take over from President Robert Mugabe was similar to the tactics adopted when former Vice President,Joice Mujuru was dismissed from government.

Moyo who has been accused by the state media for pushing towards Mnangagwa’s ouster through a conference resolution to have a female vice president informed journalists that Zanu-Pf “successionists” were obsessed with the ideology of entitlement.

The controversial professor named Mnangagwa, army general Constatino Chiwenga and Mtsvangwa as “successionists”.

He said that the Zanu-pf party had only two factions-the Mnangagwa and Mujuru factions adding that both were “successionists”“determined to boot out Mugabe.

Moyo described Mnangagwa and his cronies as arrogant “successionists” who are conferring power to themselves due to the fact that they fought the liberation struggle. He also accused them of taking advantage of the fact that they came a long way with the president to justify power entitlement.   

However, the War Veteran’s Chief, Christopher Mutsvangwa today tore into Moyo advising him to remain silent especially on matters of succession.

“Jonathan Moyo is the least qualified person to talk about succession because he never fought the war. He fled the war in Mozambique and we stayed behind and lost everything we had to bring this country out of colonialism.

“After all we have nothing to learn from a person who spent years reading politics from the books written by people who colonized us and we will not associate ourselves with spy crook, deserter and thief,” he said.

The war veterans’ leader said that Moyo does not even have the democratic credentials he purports to know and accused him of taking advantage of his association with great revolutionaries to peddle his political agenda.

“He thinks he will become a revolutionary magnetically but the truth is he is a nobody who fled the war and later joined the government two decades after the country attained independence.

“In contrast Mnangagwa is a revolutionary who is tried and tested he spent ten years in jail and participated in building the national army. Revolutionary traits cannot be attained through magnetism but practical participation,” said.

Mutsvangwa said Moyo and his cronies were relying on pseudo war veterans who are acting chairpersons and who do not have support within the grassroots support.

“The current war veterans structure is an extension of the G40 led by dull people like Moyo and Kasukuwere. These guys are dull and I witnessed it when I was in cabinet they have nothing to offer except to seize land and offer it for sale.

“Besides they are giving residential stands to a person who does not know where to get his next meal and this makes me wonder how they expect them to build homes. This alone is a sign of being dull because you first need to create employment then the rest will follow,” added Mutsvangwa.   



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