Published On: Tue, Nov 29th, 2016

Breaking : Bond note protest on tomorrow

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CIVIC groups have rallied Zimbabweans to participate in a street protest tomorrow (Wednesday) against a decision by government to circulate bond notes despite the majority resenting the surrogate currency.

The Central Bank released the first batch of bond notes on Monday, a day before Parliament embarks on a public outreach exercise to gauge citizens’ views on the introduction of the currency.

Transform Zimbabwe Youth Assembly, a coalition of youth based organisations, argued the bond notes will not solve Zimbabwe’s liquidity challenges, and warned of frenzied printing of the notes by Treasury to fund government expenditure.

The TZYA national chairperson, Tawanda Kalonga said only Zimbabweans “can stop this madness” by participating in the anti-bond note protest.

“As Transform Zimbabwe Youth, we strongly believe that the introduction of bond notes will not solve the current economic turmoil, neither will it improve the cash crisis.

“Printing of more money will even worsen the situation hence we can’t afford to sit and watch when someone is making experiments with our beautiful country. We believe together we can stop this madness,” Kalonga said.

Civic groups participating in the protest include Tajamuka/Sesijikile, National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) Youth Forum, #My Zimbabwe, students and several others.

Flyers “urging all peace loving Zimbabweans to join the Youth Initiative” have also been distributed, with Kalonga adding the protest is necessary to force government to stop the circulation of bond motes.

A similar anti-bond note protest was foiled by government recently with the arrest, abduction and torture of several activists behind the march.

Government is at pains to convince Zimbabweans to accept the bond notes, with the majority resenting them arguing that the surrogate currency is a precursor to the Zimbabwe dollar re-introduction.