Published On: Thu, Dec 1st, 2016

They Consented – Gumbura

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Serial rapist and erstwhile RMG Independent End Time Messages founder and leader , Robert Martin Gumbura was yesterday back in court in a bid to have his incarceration overturned with a civil application at the High Court.

Gumbura, who is represented by advocate Sylvester Hashiti, under instruction from attorney Tapson Dzvetero appeared before two high court judges ,Justices Edith Mushore and Justice Charles Hungwe said that the basis of the appeal was premised on the fact that there had been an unreasonable delay in the reporting of the alleged rapes by the complainants

In his submissions ,Advocate Hashiti argued that whilst rape was easy to allege , it was also difficult to prove hence the complainants took long to bring the matter for prosecution. he added that the accused should have been given the benefit of doubt by the courts as the delay in bringing the allegations might have been due to the fact that the complainants had consented to have sexual intercourse with the jailed prophet.

The two judges however noted that according to court records , there was evidence that the church doctrine was steeped in cult like mantra which pointed to systematic brain washing thus making the complainants subservient and compliant to the whims of Gumbura and in the process rendering them hapless

Gumbura was convicted of four counts of rape and one for possession of pornographic material .His church has been branded as indulging in Satanic practices by Zimbabwe’s religious leaders and their grouping , the Apostolic Christian Council Of Zimbabwe ,ACCZ which has since suspended the church from its ranks

The church is also under threat of a permanent ban from operating by the parliament

The appeal resumes today , Friday, with heads of argument by the state , which is the respondent being put before the two judges by Mr Edmore Mawuto.