Published On: Fri, Dec 2nd, 2016

Zimbabwean Woman jailed 10 years after murder

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A Chivi woman was yesterday jailed for 10 years by the high court for killing a stranger after suspecting him of being a thief.

Dambudzo Poterai (50) was jointly charged with six other villagers after they teamed up and fattally assaulted the suspected thief.

However justice Garainesu Mawadze convicted Poterai of murder but acquitted the other six who were convicted of a lesser charge of assault.

The seven villagers had all pleaded not guilt to murder but Poterai was convicted due to overwhelming evidence against her.

Poterai was slapped with a 10 year jail term while the other six Methew Poterai her son , Joseph Dzingirai (65) Thomas Mazhambe (45) Lloyd Muroyi (28)Levison Nyamande (36) and Amon Masocha (44) all from Gororo village in Chivi were fined USD 200 each for assault.

The seven were accused of killing Given Togara (26).

The state alleged that on 30 January 2012 at around 1300 hours, Poterai saw the now deceased leaning against the wall of her house while she was in a nearby field.

It was alleged that Poterai ran back to her homestead and called her husband who was not home at the time

Poterai then called other villagers shouting that there was an intruder at her house.

It was alleged that the now deceased started running into the mountains after seeing a mob carrying knobkerries, hoe handles and rubber whips advancing towards him, but was eventually caught as he fled.

The state alleged that the deceased was then tied both hands using a rope and was led down the mountain leading him to the police

The state further alleged the Poterai joined the crowd and took a hoe handle and hit the deceased once on the head and it broke.

It is alleged that she later picked up a stone and hit the deceased once on the head with it, while six others joined in the assault.

The state alleged that the deceased was forced to walk for about 200m being assaulted all over the body by the villagers.

The deceased was being interrogated by the villagers as to why he was at Poterai’s homestead.

The deceased was also being forced to admit being a thief that had terrorized the village . Deceased was later led towards Zunga business center but failed to walk and was put in a wheel barrow.

According to the state Amon Masocha a villager then called the police . The deceased according to the state asked for some water before he died.

Police later came and collected the deceased’s body before arresting the seven.

A postmortem conducted by Dr Godfrey Zimbwa at Masvingo provincial hospital concluded that Togara died as a result of head injuries and
excessive bleeding.